All about Best Practice User Group Ltd.



Our history

When PROMPT (the predecessor to PRINCE) was adopted, an informal group of UK public sector users got together to discuss how best to implement it and to support each other. This developed on the advent of PRINCE into the PRINCE User Group (PUG). The committee of PUG realised that it had appeal to the private sector as well as the public sector and invited private sector organisations to attend its meetings. This extension into the private sector, linked to the growth of PUG and an increased need for administration effort led to the formation in 1993 of PRINCE User Group Ltd and the appointment of an administrative officer under a contract.

Shortly afterwards, in 1995, a ‘Business and Technical Manager’ was appointed to look after the general management of the company and, in particular, to deal with members and the ‘professional’ aspects of the group.

In 2005, it was decided that the group should encompass the later additions to the Cabinet Office PPM products, MSP and M_o_R, and that the company name did not reflect the new expanded remit. Best Practice User Group Ltd (BPUG®) was therefore formed and members were migrated to it from PUG. PUG was retained as a company in order to protect its name from use by others, and is now dormant.

In 2012, as global interest in PRINCE and the associated products continued to grow, a new parent organisation BPUG (International) was formed to give leadership and co-ordination to chapters all over the World, from the Netherlands to Australia.

BPUG in the UK became the UK Chapter and we focus solely on working with UK-based practitioners, although we continue to have strong links with colleagues beyond our shores. We will welcome members from overseas if they do not have a local chapter to belong to, and we are also working on providing privileged access to our site to members of other chapters.